Request for Funding – Equip the Hospitals in Tamil Areas of Sri Lanka to handle the COVID-19 Crisis


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The fight against Covid-19 in Sri Lanka has reached a critical stage. The number of new cases has been rising continuously. During the last week, the number of daily new infections remained steadily over 2000, with the number of Covid related deaths increasing steadily with a daily count of over 20. Healthcare resources are fast reaching its threshold. Health sector beds and available facilities are almost saturated. Requirement for oxygen is increasing exponentially. ICU beds are almost fully occupied. Preliminary predictive disease modelling done by WHO recently indicated that if the current trend continues, Sri Lanka would most likely be reporting 10,000 cases daily within the next 3 weeks with the number of deaths to exceed 100 per day.

The International Medical Health Organization (IMHO), a 501C registered non-profit global humanitarian charitable organization, focusing on the health, community development and educational needs of underserved and underprivileged communities in Sri Lanka and other parts of the world, is prioritizing medical and community relief in the battle against Covid-outbreak in Sri Lanka. Regional medical directors in the North and East of Sri Lanka have indicated Covid positive patients are being transferred to the North and East. There is a critical shortage of vital equipment including oxygen concentrators and monitors for all patients in the intensive care units at the hospitals in Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. IMHO has approached equipment suppliers and received a price proposal, which is summarized below:

The Illankai Tamil Sangam (ITS) will be working with IMHO which is leading this effort and request your assistance. The ITS hopes to contribute a minimum of US $10,000 towards the cost of this equipment. We would like to collect this fund urgently so that the equipment can be purchased as soon as possible. Please help us by donating generously towards this fund. ITS is 501C3 charitable organization, and your donation is tax-deductible

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