Tamils have a legitimate right to sovereignty in three ways


“Sri Lanka will never reach a political solution or to create a constitutional amendment regarding a peaceful political resolution that would benefit Tamils.”

“The Tamil Empire existed before Prince Vijaya came to Thambapanni. After arriving in Ceylon from India in 543 BCE, Vijaya married Queni, a local Dravidian Tamil princess from Thamapani.”— G. Rajkumar

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 22, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Secretary of the Association of Disappeared Tamils, Gobalakrishnan Rajkumar, has requested Tamil political leaders in Sri Lanka should call for a referendum under the supervision of the UN to choose either Ranil’s political solution for the Tamil crisis or Tamil sovereignty.

The public protest by missing relatives has reached 2,100 days, including a vigil held this past Saturday, November 19, 2022.

Rajkumar said this while addressing the media after the protest:

Tamils have sovereignty in three ways. No one can take away sovereignty from Tamils.

Today is the 2100th day of our continuous struggle to find our missing Tamil children and to reclaim Tamil sovereignty in order to save our people from future genocide. In this, we have continuously asked for help from the US and EU.

The Tamil Empire existed before Prince Vijaya came to Thambapanni. After arriving in Ceylon from India in 543 BCE, Vijaya married Queni, a local Dravidian Tamil princess from Thamapani. Even the Mahavamsam created by the Sinhalese acknowledges that the owners of the island were Tamil Dravidians. This shows that Tamils had their own sovereignty in Sri Lanka before Vijaya’s arrival.

This alone is enough to request the US and the European Union to help restore the sovereignty of Tamils in our North-East.

Secondly, the sovereignty of the Tamils was only lost due to the European invasion. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to colonize Ceylon in 1505. Tamils lost their sovereignty to the Portuguese colonialists. Then the Dutch displaced the Portuguese.

In 1845, when the British conquered the whole of Sri Lanka, they took over the Dutch colonial Tamil homeland and the Kingdom of Kandy, supplanting Tamil sovereignty. When the British left In 1945, the British failed to restore Tamil sovereignty. This short-sighted decision led directly to the genocide and war crimes that have occurred in Sri Lanka since then.

Thirdly, Tamils in the ensuing decades have suffered from Sinhalese riots, destroyed businesses and a disastrous economic policy, lost homes and seized lands, sexual violence, kidnapping, assassinations, and more.

A safe and secured Tamil homeland is the only way to protect Tamils. We need our sovereignty restored.

If we go to the International Court of Justice of the United Nations, we can advocate for our sovereignty to be officially recognized. But our Tamil leaders are not intelligent. From 1945 to today, Tamil leaders have mostly have been from the Colombo Tamil community.

The goal of these Tamil leaders was to become successful lawyers and politicians in the North-East with fluent English. They don’t want to lose their investments, friends, and property in Colombo. They want to keep close contact with the Sinhalese authorities.

Tamil politicians had promised a future referendum during the election, and after the election they have said they are for federalism. We would like to remind the so-called Tamil political leaders of the 13th Amendment. The Sinhalese were uncomfortable with the 13th Amendment for obvious reasons.

Here’s how Sinhalese politicians have obstructed the implementation of the 13th Amendment:

  1. During Vigneswaran’s tenure as Chief Minister, Colombo stopped sending money to run the Northern Province. The Northern Province was controlled through the Governor who was nominated by Sinhalese.
  2. The Sinhalese leaders refused to allow autonomous police and land authority in the North-East province.
  3. Colombo, with the help of Sri Lankan High Commissioner to India Milinda Morakoda, tried to overturn the 13th Amendment with India’s consent.
  4. Elections have not been conducted thus far in the Northern Province, in a clear attempt to avoid implementation of 13th Amendment in the North-East.

The above reasons show that Sri Lanka never actually planned to reach a political solution or to create a constitutional amendment regarding a peaceful political resolution that would actually benefit Tamils.

Even if the stronger countries force Colombo to consent to federalism, we can expect the same outcome with federalism as what happened to the 13th Amendment.

Even if there is federalism, Colombo will not support this financially or conduct federal elections, nor will the government allow the Tamils to implement federal law and order. The Sinhalese would immediately try to remove a federalist system through a 2/3 majority.

Therefore, we request the so-called Tamil political leaders to petition the US and EU to hold a referendum under the supervision of the UN, where Tamils can decide between Ranil’s political “solution” on the one hand and Tamil sovereignty on the other.

We know that there is tremendous pressure on Sri Lanka from some powerful countries to hold a referendum. This is the reason why Ranil is now trying to talk to Tamil politicians and a strange pro-Sumanthiran diaspora Tamil Congress in Canada is calling on the Sinhalese Justice Minister not to talk about the North-East and to force the Tamils and Sinhalese to protect the Sri Lankan Buddhist identity.

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