US Congress urged to address oppression of Tamil people in Sri Lanka and support Tamils’ self-determination.

Washington, DC, December 12, 2023- The continued marginalization and oppression of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka has reached a critical stage, prompting a call for action from Congressman Don Davis from North Carolina. After the British departure in 1948, Sri Lanka saw the unification of the Tamil and Sinhalese kingdoms under Sinhalese domination. Unfortunately, this process has led to the disregard of the Tamils’ right to self-determination.

State-sponsored discrimination and violence against the Tamils resulted in a tragic 30-year ethnic conflict, culminating in the devastating 2009 Tamil Genocide. Despite efforts by the United Nations Human Rights Council to seek accountability, Sri Lanka withdrew its cooperation in 2020, impeding justice for the Tamil community. This withdrawal was supported by China, further obstructing progress towards justice.

The recent arrests of Tamils for their participation in peaceful events, carried out under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, are deeply troubling. Such actions only serve to perpetuate the ongoing oppression faced by the Tamil people.

Congressman Don Davis calls upon their colleagues in Congress to recognize and address this persistent violation of human rights. It is imperative that we support the establishment of a permanent solution that will ensure stability and peace in this vital part of the Indo-Pacific region. Furthermore, it is essential that we honor our commitment to upholding human rights and democracy.

By taking decisive action, Congress can play a pivotal role in bringing attention to the plight of the Tamil people and working towards a just and equitable resolution.