Mothers of Missing Tamils Urge the Prime Minister of Canada to initiate Tamil referendum talks with the US and EU

Today is the 2,354th day of our continuous struggle to find the missing Tamil children, save Tamils from future genocide, and get help from US and EU for Tamil sovereignty. In front of the Vavuniya courthouse, our journey is continuing in this pavilion on A-9 road.

We thank Prime Minister Trudeau for his observation and statement that what actually has happened to the Tamils in Sri Lanka is genocide.

We also thank and congratulate Prime Minister Trudeau for having a Canadian Tamil MP in his cabinet.

Tamils are intelligent and determined people, but in Sri Lanka Tamils live in a slave economy. The Sinhalese decide what kind of work that the Tamils should do by limiting or banning the creation of licenses and employment for Tamils.

For Tamils to have any true political and economic freedom or well-being, a sovereign Tamil homeland is necessary in the north-east of Sri Lanka. For this, the UN should monitor the referendum that will decide the future of the Tamils.

We the mothers of Missing Tamils sent a letter last Friday to Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau asking for him to support the Tamil referendum.

We want Prime Minister Trudeau to advocate for a referendum on our behalf in the world, as Canada has allowed the province of Quebec to hold a referendum to decide whether to become a sovereign French state.

Ms. Jayalalithaa, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, was the first to call for a referendum among Tamils and diaspora Tamils in the north-east of Sri Lanka. Notably, after Ms. Jayalalithaa asked for this plebiscite, the US Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Clinton, met with her.

We want Prime Minister Trudeau to be the first among Western leaders to call for a referendum for the Tamils.

Let us hope Prime Minister Trudeau does so without delay, before the entire Tamil homeland becomes a Sinhalese-dominated and occupied territory.

We urgently request every Tamil, especially those in the diaspora community, to call for a referendum for sovereignty and to ask for help from other powerful countries in ensuring that this referendum occurs.

Thank you,
Secretary Go. Rajkumar
Association of Disappeared Tamils
August 01, 2023

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