At the end of every demonstration, Tamils ​​should call for a final political solution with a referendum

Diaspora Tamils ​​welcome the current Tamil protests in the North-East. At all the places in Kurundur Hill, Veduku Mari, Kinniya Well, and Thirukoneswaram where Tamils ​​are protesting land grabbing, the erecting of Buddhist vihara, and the killings around army camps, there is also a call should be made that the US and EU should intervene to bring about a political solution or referendum. This is the wisest and available strategy for Tamils. We should not trust the Sri Lankan government or Indian or Tamil MPs.

The Sinhalese government is creating so many problems for the Tamils ​​in the North-East that Tamils are ​​distracted and diverted from focusing on political solutions.

The only resolution to the conflict is a permanent political arrangement that protects Tamils ​​from Sinhalese oppression and aggression. This must entail Tamil sovereignty in the North-East.

Current President Ranil is a fraudulent individual and a racist towards Tamils. His story begins in 1977. Not many people know that he was a close advisor to his uncle JR Jayawardena, the Prime Minister whose brutal policies directly led to the Civil War.

Now the Sinhalese are installing idols of Buddha everywhere in Tamil territories. Converting Hindu temples into Buddhist temples is a despicable Sinhalese strategy of cultural genocide that isolates Tamils and seeks to prevent the community from unifying in the goal of a sovereign nation.
Other distractions perpetrated by the Sinhalese are the drug problem, night robberies, continuing disappearances and massacres, and an overall climate of repression, as the Tamil homeland suffers through a military occupation bolstered by a growing number of Sinhalese settlers.

The best way to force the Sinhalese regime to desist from these anti-Tamil and anti-Hindu crimes is for every Tamil who opposes these moves to call for a final political solution through a general referendum for sovereignty.
If anyone is too embarrassed to call for a referendum, such as some Tamil MPs clearly are, at least call for the US and EU to intervene to find a political solution.

Remember that India is not truly interested in any resolution that might actually benefit Tamils if it could further destabilize Sri Lanka. Because, according to an Indian think tank, putting pressure on Sri Lanka makes the country move towards China and Pakistan and threatens India’s power in the region. However, a referendum for sovereignty is the only way to bring about real peace and order on the island.

Thank you,
News from Diaspora Tamils
​​April 22, 2023

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