Tamils ​​need an American embassy in Jaffna


The Mothers of Missing Tamils made the following press statement in memory of Tamil Journalist Tarakki Sivaram:

“Today is the 2259th day of our continuing struggle to find the missing Tamil children, to save all Tamils ​​from the genocide being perpetrated by the Sinhalese government in Sri Lanka, and to gain assistance from the US and EU in securing Tamil sovereignty.”

Today, 18 years ago, on the 28th of April 2005, our beloved Tamil journalist Taraki Sivaram was assassinated in Colombo.

There are special people in our lives who never leave us; they are still with us even after they are gone, and Taraki Sivaram is one of them. His service to his people and to the world for the cause of truth survives as a powerful legacy.

Today is a difficult day for Tamils ​​and we are hurting. Our hearts go out to Shivaram’s family at this time.

Sivaram’s journalistic work was a treasure trove for Tamils ​​and American government departments.

The Mothers of Missing Tamils would like to thank the US government for its keen observation during the ethnic war and since. We applaud the recent US ban on Sri Lanka’s North West Governor and former Sri Lanka Navy Commander Vasantha Karannagoda and his family for “gross violations” of human rights.

Today we further request the US Department of State to open an American Embassy in Jaffna. By establishing this American office, the US can more closely monitor what is happening in the Tamil region.

Tamil mothers the victims feel that US presence in Jaffna will put an end to the many illegal, oppressive activities that occurring at the behest of the Sri Lankan government: the night killings and robberies, constant illegal surveillance and espionage, as well as the land grabbing that includes the desecration and seizing of Hindu temples.

A US Embassy in Jaffna will also halt the Chinese invasion of Tamil territory. There is a rumor that the Chinese are preparing to buy a large amount of land in the areas of Mullaitivu, Poonagari and Kilinochchi. We hope that US Ambassador Juli Chung will convey this news to Washington. At the same time, we are also sending a letter of request to the US State Department for this important embassy office and further American involvement in stopping the injustice in Sri Lanka. In the spirit of Sivaram, we hope that this will bring with it a new era of openness and accountability in Sri Lanka—and finally Tamil freedom.

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