Tamil mothers are calling on Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai to seek assistance from Prime Minister Modi to safeguard Hindu temples from Sinhalese aggression.

Today, April 3, 2024, is the 2600th day of our continuous struggle to find the missing Tamil children, to save Tamils from future genocide and to get help from the US and EU for Tamil sovereignty. In front of the Vavuniya courthouse, Our journey continues in this pavilion on A-9 road.

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah has said that what happened in Sri Lanka is genocide.

In Rameswaram, Indian Home Minister Amit Shah made the accusation while speaking at the inaugural event of the “En Man En Makkal” padayatra led by Tamil Nadu Bharatiya Janata Party organizer Annamalai.

On Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day (May 18, 2023), the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued a statement acknowledging the tragic loss of life during the armed conflict in Sri Lanka that concluded 14 years ago. He recognized the events as a genocide that affected the Tamils.

Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, J. Jayalalithaa, addressed the alleged genocide during the concluding phase of the Sri Lankan Civil War. Upon reassuming office in May 2011, she guided the Tamil Nadu Assembly in passing various resolutions urging for an international investigation into the purported war crimes and genocide in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, she advocated for an economic embargo on Sri Lanka.

Former BJP leader and ex-Foreign Minister, Mr. Yashwant Singh, delivered a moving speech to members of the Lok Sabha on March 7, 2013, drawing attention to the genocide of Tamils.

In the UK Parliament, significant efforts have been made to formally acknowledge the Tamil Genocide.

Last week, ten U.S. Congressmen sent a letter to Secretary Blinken calling for a referendum in the north-east of Sri Lanka. The purpose of the referendum would be to allow Tamils to determine their own future and seek liberation from what is described as Sinhalese genocide.

Why is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tamil Nadu remaining silent on the Tamil genocide issue despite numerous leaders stating that what happened to the Tamils amounted to genocide? If BJP and Annamalai seek Tamil support, they should openly acknowledge the genocide and request Modi to endorse their statement in the Indian Parliament.

The BJP portrays itself as a defender of Hinduism, with both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Party President Amit Shah demonstrating unwavering commitment to their Hindu faith through their words and actions.

During his visit to Sri Lanka, Modi even toured many Hindu temples in the Tamil Homeland.

As Tamil mothers, our concern has been raised by the recent incidents of alleged aggression towards the Krunthur, Vedukkumari, and Kinniya hot springs by Sinhalese Buddhists. We are questioning why Mr. Annamalai has chosen to stay silent on this issue and seek clarification on whether he identifies as a Buddhist or a Hindu.

Hindu temples in Sri Lanka have a history spanning over 5000 years, while the Sinhalese history dates back only 500 years. The Mahabharata mentions the Tamil Hindu King Ravana. What additional evidence can we provide to Mr. Annamalai to counter Sinhalese aggression?

He should request Modi’s assistance in protecting the Hindu temples in Tamil Homeland.

The BJP appears to be promoting a strong Hindu image, but it seems this may actually be a strategic move aimed at garnering more Hindu votes rather than genuine religious advocacy.

If Tamil Nadu BJP leader Annamalai truly considers himself a proud Tamil Hindu, he should urge BJP leaders Modi and Minister Amit Shah to officially recognize the Tamil genocide. They should call for the Sinhalese to vacate Tamil Hindu temples or take essential measures to ensure their long-term protection..

Before we conclude, if Prime Minister Modi and Minister Amit Shah can change the constitution of Kashmir overnight, they could do the same in Sri Lanka. Should this happen, all Tamils in Tamil Nadu would strongly support the BJP.