Today, on June 30, 2024, Sampanthan Passed Away, Marking a Sign of Hope for the Tamils’ Future.

Former TNA leader Sampanthan passed away today at the age of 91.
It is appropriate to offer our condolences to his family and friends for his passing.

  • As Tamils, we find it impossible to forgive him for his actions against those in our community over the past 15 years. His leadership resulted in our subjugation to Sinhalese rule, which has left deep scars that will not be easily forgotten or forgiven any time soon.
  • He undermined international efforts to solve the issue of Tamil self-determination by advocating for a unified Sri Lanka.
  • Sampanthan has disrupted the international investigation in order to protect the Sinhalese perpetrators through his associate Mr. Sumanthiran.
  • It was claimed that Sampanthan falsely stated that a political solution would be achieved by aligning with Hindu holy events like Pongal, Diwali, Navarthiri, and Tamil New Year to prevent Tamils from protesting against Colombo. This strategy supposedly aimed to maintain peace for 15 years without any disturbances caused by Tamils.

Under Sampanthan’s leadership, Tamils suffered greatly despite having nearly won the war.

Despite the hardships faced by the Tamil population under his leadership, there is now speculation about potential new beginnings with Sampanthan’s passing. As Saturn was believed to depart after 7 1/2 years but stayed for 15, this event could signal a shift towards fresh leadership. Some are hopeful that a brighter future may be on the horizon for the Tamils following his death.

It is now time for ITAK to remove Sumanthiran from his position within the party. It is essential to prevent him from influencing any decisions that could impact both the party and the future of Tamils.

Thank goodness, it took 15 years.

Tamil Diaspora News
June 30,2024