Investigation with the Secretary of the Association of Missing Tamils, Vavuniya

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The Anti-Terrorism Investigation Unit today launched an investigation into Gopalakrishnan Rajkumar, secretary of the Association of Missing Tamils, who has been involved in a rotating food boycott in Vavuniya for the past 1465 days.
An investigation was underway into a shed located in front of the Vavuniya Road Development Department where they were protesting.
He commented after the hearing,

Two officers from the Anti-Terrorism Investigation Division were conducting inquiries with me today. They asked about the food avoidance struggle we are carrying out.

They were asked if they had marched from the Vavuniya Municipal Hall on December 10 with US and EU flags. We have not received justice after years of struggle. I told them that we had lost faith in the Sri Lankan government in this situation and had sought the help of the international community to bring justice to us. They had asked if the protests were being funded from abroad. I reassured them that we were only looking for justice and not finance.


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