Letter to UNHRC Michelle Bachelet: Refer Sri Lanka to the ICC and Stop the Aggression and Land Grabs In Sri Lanka

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It has been thirteen years since the mass killings of the Tamils in Vanni. Despite all that time, the UN has failed to achieve justice for the Tamils or accountability for Sri Lankan war criminals..

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The following letter was sent to High Commissioner Ms. Michelle Bachelet by Tamil mothers of missing children in Vavuniya.

High Commissioner Ms. Michelle Bachelet,
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
Palais Wilson
52 rue des Pâquis
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland.

Dear Madam High Commissioner Ms. Michelle Bachelet,

We are the mothers of missing Tamil children, here at Vavuniya booth, continuing with our desperate struggle of the last five years. The booth is located on Kandy Road, half a mile from the Vavuniya clock tower. We are here day and night, by avoiding one meal per day.

We write this letter to inform you that we are deeply unhappy with the UNHRC’s inaction in response to the Sri Lankan genocide.

It has been thirteen years since the mass killings of the Tamils in Vanni. Despite all that time, the UN has failed to achieve justice for the Tamils or accountability for Sri Lankan war criminals.

We need the following for the Tamils:

  1. Please, for the sake of maintaining world civilization and law, refer the Sri Lankan genocide to the International Criminal Court. If you do not, you are only embracing more chaos in this world.
  2. We need a political solution that the Tamils can accept based on a secured, defended and irrevocable Tamil state. The 13th amendment will not work under a unitary state. Even a provincial election cannot be held for more than two years. The 13th Amendment is not something the Tamils can even talk about.

Because of the UN’s failure, the Sri Lankan government has continued or in some cases accelerated oppression and aggression without any concern for the UN or UNHRC.

Sri Lanka started to grab lands from the Tamils’ eastern province after independence.

Now after completing or kicking out the Tamils from their lands and homes in the East, Sri Lanka has moved into Northern Province to grab more land under all sorts of false pretenses. It has to stop.

To continue their oppression and theft, they have used the following:

  1. Prevention of Terrorism Act. If any Tamils are taken by the police or army, that is the end of those Tamils. No one will not be allowed to file a case or even find out where or what happened to them. They disappear without a trace.
  2. Also, Sri Lanka organized a government program to chase the Tamils from their businesses, homes, and even from the Tamil homeland to foreign countries, through a policy of forcible exile.
  3. Then Sri Lanka used horrible lethal weapons in 2009, from China and Pakistan to kill over 145,000 Tamils in the “No Fire Zone”.

There are 90,000 widows, 50,000 orphans, and hundreds of thousands are still grieving for the loss of loved ones.

Sri Lanka is taking rightful lands from the Tamils and settling Sinhalese in our land. It is a major injustice against the Tamils.

The oppressive climate has caused a feeling of intimidation, fear, and despair that has suffocated and paralyzed many Tamils. Few dare to speak out.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka continues its aggression and oppression, the rapes, disappearances, and land seizures, as the dead bodies of Tamils turn up along the sea coast.

Someone has to stop Sri Lanka. India is not interested in supporting any UN resolution on war crimes or finding a political solution for the Tamils. India is using the Tamil issue to control Sri Lanka. But Sri Lanka still has better relations with China than India.

Only the UN, US and EU can intercede on behalf of the Tamils and halt Sri Lankan aggression.

Note: please circulate this letter to the member states of the UNHRC.

Thank you.


Tamil mothers of missing children.

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields by Channel 4 Full video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HN9zcbKtxag

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