Fundraising for Biden, Need 1000 Donors

We, the Tamils for Biden, are collecting checks payable to “Biden for president” and donations can be mailed to Tamils for Biden, 36 Lincoln Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583.

A check can be written $5 or more, with a maximum of $2500.

Even if you donated to the Biden campaign, if you do not reach the maximum amount of $2500, a check can still be written for the leftover amount. Please send us a check at least $5 to $100.

We want to send at least 1000 checks to the Biden campaign. Any help to Biden will benefit the Tamils in Sri Lanka greatly.

Sources are saying that Biden will be a more independent thinker than President Obama. It may help us if we show our support.

Please ask your American friends who sympathize with Tamils to help the Tamils by writing a check to Biden and send it through us.

It is an important period when the War Criminals are in power; the Tamils could be oppressed more than ever in the near future.

We want to thank the people who have informed us that the checks have been posted to us.

Thank you.

Tamils for Biden Campaign Team.

Note that: Biden bumper sticker will be sent to the Donor’s mailing address.