US Tamils welcome Investigation of TNA MPs for Accepting Bribe from Sri Lankan Government:Tamils for Trump

TNA Bribe

US Tamils welcome Investigation of TNA MPs for Accepting Bribe from Sri Lankan Government

After over 146,000 Tamils were slaughtered by the Sinhalese in 2009, TNA (Tamil National Alliance) MPs were elected to get bring in North-East merged federalism for Tamils by conversing with the US, the EU, and India, so that Tamils can live safely and securely in the Tamil Homeland in the North-East part of the island.

Be that as it may, TNA MPs have abstained from conversing with the US, the EU, and India, but are instead conversing with the Sinhalese. Tamils thought they were doing their job, requesting North-East merged federalism for Tamils.

These Tamil MPs have abandoned the North-East merger, federalism and instead have enabled a foremost place for Sinhala Buddhism.

Presently we have learned that these MPs were consulting in return for their parliamentary votes, supporting the government’s legislation for 2 Million rupees. This is a payoff — a bribe. No Tamil party has ever done this, except Tamil paramilitary groups.

It was the gold standard in the past, that Tamils leaders never supported any Sinhala administration until the legislature would acknowledge North-East consolidated federalism for Tamils.

But this time Tamil MPs are accepting bribes. This is a new trend. It may have been presented by Mr. Sumanthiran. If it is true, these MPs ought to go to prison.

In this way we are welcoming Mr. G. L. Peiris’ proposal in parliament, to explore this conspiracy, despite the fact that we know Mr. Peiris is a bigot.

Additionally, it is imperative to investigate these MPs’ and their relatives’ bank statements since 2010.

These MPs are thieves. They don’t have any quality, desire or capability to consult with anybody to free Tamils. These MPs can be effortlessly purchased by any currency by anybody. Tamils ought to request that they leave office.

We would like to state that an old wise Tamil lady from Vanni who said that “You don’t necessarily need an atomic bomb to destroy the Tamil nation and their hope. TNA MPs who value their pockets more than the Tamils and their hopes always do that every day.”

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