Unity is not just talk; it is a unified policy that unites every Tamil: Vavuniya Mothers of Missing Tamil Children

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Solidarity or Unity is not just talk; it is a unified policy that unites the Tamils.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The following statement was made by G. Rajkumar International Children’s Day.

Today is the 1688th day of our continuing struggle to find our missing Tamil children.

On this International Children’s Day, we would like to communicate two important messages to Tamils.

Solidarity or Unity is not just talk; it is a unified policy that unites the Tamils.

As mothers of missing Tamil children, we want a coordinated, joint resolution from Tamils, especially Tamil politicians.
Most of the Jews were united in their goal, despite their many differences. The result is a nation called Israel today.

Our goal can be reached through the following resolution:

1. There should be a UN-sponsored referendum to determine the political future of Tamils.

2. There must be an International Inquiry into Justice and Accountability for Tamils who lost their loved ones.

3. The political solution for Tamils can only be based on a safe, secure, and irrevocable Tamil homeland.

4. US and EU forensic technology should be used to locate missing children.

5. Tamil politicians should promise not to talk with the Sri Lankan government about a political solution, because we will not allow ourselves to be disappointed for another 74 years.

6. We should use the United States, the European Union and India as mediators to mediate between Tamils ​​and Sinhalese.

7. No one shall violate the above principles.

We are victims not just of war but a genocide in progress. We must prepare this resolution. For this purpose, we would like to collect signatures from Tamil politicians and civil society groups.

Thank you,

G. Rajkumar
Missing Persons Association in Tamil Homeland, Sri Lanka
October 01, 2021

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