Tamils Must Find a Way to Stop the Arranged Half of Million Sinhalese Settlers Who Will Be Coming to the Tamil Homeland: Tamils for Trump


Buddhist Monk threatening to kill a Tamil govt officer in Tamil Homeland

Tamils Must Find a Way to Stop the Arranged Half of Million Sinhalese Settlers Who Will Be Coming to the Tamil Homeland: Tamils for Trump

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, February 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Mr. Ranil Wickremesinghe, recently has spoken in his election campaign in Vavuniya regarding his budget resolution, that he has assigned assets to build 1000 Sinhala Buddhist temples in the Tamil territories. Sadly, the Tamil National Alliance has voted in favor of this spending bill and has never contradicted it. Many believe Sri Lankan officials are influencing the TNA, bribing them to be tranquil.

Numerically, every temple draws in around 400 Sinhalese settlers around the temple. This estimate is based upon a minimum of four family members in a family, with 100 armed forces alongside their relatives to secure the temple. So, each temple will bring in at least 400 plus Sinhalese settlers, and Bhikkhus and their administration men.

For every single settler, financing, lodging and occupations will be given by the Sri Lankan government. This will draw in more Sinhala culprits to the Tamil zones.

Considering that there will be 400 Sinhalese for every temple, this implies that 1000 temples will bring in 400,000 Sinhalese settlers. This will change the demography of the Tamil Homeland. It amounts to a purposeful government-supported settlement and along these lines it is an invasion.

Tamil leaders in the North-East ought to be proactive to stop this illicit movement by the Sri Lankan government.

We realize that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was purchased by the Sinhala government. There is a published rundown of rewards taken by the TNA. The Tamil Lawyers Association along with others need to take actions against the TNA, taking them to court for their wrongdoings and bribe-taking.

The TNA is unlikely to take any steps to stop the government-supported Sinhala settlement. Because of the bribes they have accepted, they are vulnerable to blackmail. Clearly, money is more important to them than justice.

We propose:

1. First, we should converse with neighboring India to stop this genocide through their negotiators.
2. Tamils should converse with the US and the EU to stop this settlement.
3. If all falls flat, Tamil should advance an instrument to stop the government.

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