Tamil Diaspora Willing to take Tamils’ Homeland from Struggling Sri Lanka and Install a New Administration: Tamils for Biden

Screen Shot 2021-12-04 at 12.38.34 AMTamil Diaspora Willing to take Tamils’ Homeland from Struggling Sri Lanka and Install a New Administration: Tamils for Biden

Tamils for Biden are talking to a group of Tamil Diaspora who want to take the north-east from struggling Sri Lanka and install an administration that will support all the needs of Tamils and other ethnic people currently living in the north-east.

Tamils in the region are suffering without medication, Covid vaccine, food, clothing, gas, and other essential items. Jobs and money are scarce.

Since Sri Lanka is going through severe financial crises that it cannot handle by itself, the country is likely to borrow more funds from China and perhaps trade the Tamil lands for money, as they did with the Ambanthodda and Colombo ports.

The Chinese have a large demand for real estate in Sri Lanka to bury their industrial waste and it is only a matter of time before they take more land.

The new Diaspora Tamil government would fulfill all the assistance that people need in the north-east and provide what the current government has not—including welfare funds, pensions, cash assistance, health insurance, food assistance, housing, energy and utilities subsidies, as well as education and childcare assistance.

So, we are simply asking the current government to hand over everything in the Tamil homeland and remove its armed forces, materials, and governmental institutions from this occupied territory.

We want a peaceful power transition. Once they leave, we would be ready to install a new Tamil government the next day. The Tamil Diaspora have enough finances to run the Tamil Homeland for more than 5 years without requiring any economic growth in the Tamil Homeland.

In the northeast, the economy can produce about one billion dollars in revenue, while expenses may go up to $1.5 billion dollars as per our economic forecast. Tamils would therefore only need to put in an additional $500 million dollars or see that equivalent in growth.

When Indonesia faced economic difficulties, it let East Timor peacefully secede from the country. We are asking the same procedure here in Sri Lanka on behalf of the suffering Tamils.

Thank you,
Tamils for Biden

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