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My Appah, Mr. Sri Pathe Thillaiampalam of Boston, Massachusetts, United States, passed away peacefully on April 21 at 5:16PM Boston, United States time at home with both Ammah (Sudharshini) and I on either side of him holding his hands. He spent the last month in hospital and was struggling a lot to breathe (end stage COPD). He always carried a mini oxygen support system wherever he went, whether to local supermarket or when taking very risky journeys to distant countries like London and New Zealand.

He had this knack to connect with people, young and old. For the young adults he was a super hero as he drops in at their houses / flats in the UK, Canada and the US, though with tremendous difficulties. They were amazed by the effort he had to put in to go and see them.

Though he had been a hardened political activist during his youth in Sri Lanka and later in the US and had important interactions with leaders of countries/States, I do not wish to dwell on them here. However, his main interest was helping people in need and seeing them succeed in life, whether in Sri Lanka, the US, Canada or the UK.

Instead, I wish to reflect on his last wish, which he made public to a few of his relatives and friends in February – March this year. He was aware of the predicament of elderly parents, particularly those who had lost their beloved partners, who went back to Sri Lanka to spend the last days within well acquainted environs and among their own kind and regularly attend nearby temples or churches of their choice. While, they were very sad to leave behind their prosperous children, particularly the grandchildren, they had their own need to lead a meaningful life – being close to God’s abode – during the remaining years on earth appeared more refreshing to them. So, they went back to Sri Lanka, but life became difficult for them when they become older.

My Appah came to know of a care facility for very senior citizens that was operated by the well-known Moolai Co-operative Hospital in Jaffna. The Hospital wanted families from the Tamil Diaspora to add new rooms to the already existing facility within their campus. The cost of building a new room with an ensuite bathroom is estimated at USD $8,000. Each occupant will then have to pay about $170 per month and that will entitle the occupant to get all meals and refreshments, total daily care and free medical services at the hospital when needed. Appah wanted to build a room for use by any elderly person.

I am committed to continue Appah’s legacy of providing help where needed. In this respect I wish to build a room for the elderly in the Moolai Hospital campus.

I am aware of many relatives and friends, wish to send sympathy cards or wreaths to honor my Appah. I would appeal to you instead to donate money to a special fund to help Ammah and I make Appah’s desire a reality. Vision Global Empowerment USA has come forward to use their crowd funding facility for this effort of ours. PLEASE DONATE. Donation will end on June 6 – Appah’s 82nd Birthday.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email or mobile: 781.583.8231.

I am VERY keen to make Appah’s dream a reality as he has helped so many people around this world and this is the least we can do for him.

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