Happy New Year and Tamils’ wish

Happy New Year and Tamils’ wish

We want to wish for a happy, healthy and prosperous year to our readers and the Tamils in the northeast and the rest of the world.

For the last last ten years, Tamil leadership enjoyed the perks given by Sri Lanka and forgot about the promise that they gave to the Tamils in their election manifesto.

The Tamil leadership weakened the Tamils and made the Tamils to lose their bargaining power. Their approach never brought any resolution or benefit for the Tamils.

It is time for the current elected leaders to go home and for different leaders to take control of the Tamils’ political effort.

Therefore we wish to form a new leadership. Gajendrakumar Ponnampalam is a strong Tamil nationalist. We saw his action during the 13 points request from the presidential candidates.

It shows that Mr. Gajendrakumar is very knowledgeable and brave concerning the Tamils’ political future.

Former Chief justice and chief minister of the northern provincial council Mr. Vigneswaran’s knowledge of our history and communication skills are also very important. He will be able to help explain to the world why Tamils need protection and self-rule.

Therefore our wish is that the two Tamil leaders should join together and take control of the Tamils’ future.

Go around the world and ask the Tamils what is their need now. Also travel around the norteast and ask the Tamils. They will say that they need Vigneswaran-Ponnampalam’s joint leadership.

Let us pray to make our dream come true

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