Canadian Tamil Businesses who gave money-related help to Mr. Sumanthiran ought to be boycotted


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Canadian Tamil Businesses who gave money-related help to Mr. Sumanthiran ought to be boycotted

In a free world, demonstrations and boycotts are vital to democracy.

Mr. Sumanthiran went to Canada to gather financial pledges to bribe the Tamils in the upcoming local municipal election race in North-East Sri Lanka.

However, by giving him cash, this turns what should be an equitable election into an unbalanced one.

There are many good hopeful candidates running in the upcoming elections who have great vision, but the TNA has never tried to use their visionary ideas. TNA’s strategy for taking care of the Tamil issue is coming up short; Sri Lankan Sinhala leaders have said there will be no North-East merger and no federalism for Tamils.

Instead, the TNA has given premier place to Sinhala Buddhism. Further, as indicated in a recent interim report, there is no control of assets or resources from ocean, land, and sky in Tamil Homeland for Tamils. This is absolutely a betrayal. The TNA had guaranteed a North-East merger in the last election, alongside federalism, to keep Tamils protected and secure.

Clearly, TNA is trading parliamentary votes in favor of cash. This is a payoff. This cannot be accepted. It demonstrates they have lost their believability. They have lost their noteworthy title as the representatives of Tamils. The TNA has become a fool in the eyes of the Sinhalese, as well as in the eyes of the US, the EU, and India.

Tamils ought to be given the chance to choose new and visionary members. These decisions ought to be made with a level playing field for all the candidates without the use of outside cash supplies.

Supporting only one party financially will imperil the democracy.

Cash collected from Tamil Canadians by Mr. Sumanthiran will be utilized to bribe Tamils and employ several youthful Tamil individuals. These youngsters will be offered liquor and chicken biriyani toward the finish of every day of campaigning.

The cash that was given to Sumanthiran will devastate the vote-based system in the Tamil Homeland. Tamils will end up noticeably ruined, and in the end, could increase the wrongdoings. It will likewise demolish our way of life, as Tamil young people are being acquainted with the idea of working for free alcohol. After the 2015 election, the conduct of the Tamil young people has changed because of the TNA’s strategy to utilize adolescents in their election campaign.

Along these lines, we encourage the Tamils in Canada to boycott the Tamil businesses who made a financial commitment to Mr. Sumanthiran when he was in Toronto.

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