Article focuses on defilement by TNA MPs



Article focuses on defilement by TNA MPs

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We have gotten an email requesting straightforwardness from every single Tamil MP’s money related exercises. It is by all accounts exceptionally sensible letter. Our board has chosen to distribute this email with the goal that TNA MPs can clear their names or in the event that they blameworthy we will assume that no response from them.

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Here is the Email:

Rajendra Vinasithamby
To:Editor Uthayan Paper,TAMIL MEDIA NEWS,Valamourii tamilnews,Mr Sumanthiran M.P.sakthitv
and 135 more…

Feb 5 at 4:51 PM


Documentary prove of Car permit fraud by TNA mps Will they give their statement to media ???.They do this fraud every five years they get elected to the parliament.This lawyer has filed a case in the supreme court and Ranil has instructed to the AG to delay the case. This is a fraud according to Srilankan Tax law. This was reported in the Island paper and our Tamil newspapers failed to republish the news in Tamil due to pressure is given to them.and failed to follow the media ethics. Each mp make nearly 23 million by seĺling the car permit worth 41 million to half price.Thus making 23 million black money on top of the 3.5 laks they get each month to their bank account. When this was published in the Sinhala tv program I heard the names of Mavai Shiritharan Saravansbhavan. Sivamohan Sivasakthyananthan Sitharthan And Yogeswaran then the screen is gone there were 77 Names. Will the Tamil media republish the article from the Island newspaper and follow the media ethics and give the Tamil readers the right to know the truth. Recently Sumanthiran was given a car permit worth 60 million. Mavai did not have any income other than the mps salary so how did he find the money to build a house worth so many millions.The house is built by a Singhalese contractor who is a subcontractor to the Army. so who is paying the bills?Will Mavai come clean and produce all documents to the media. Mp Shiritharan told me about five years back that Mavai and Suresh got their daughters admission to the top university in India where only the children of Congress members study.and this all at the expense of the Indian government and Mavi educated his son also the same way and back in politics in Srilanka.Now Mavai has no hope of willing the general election under the new system so he wants to stand for Npc to become CM get the perks and payments claim rent for the house build on taxpayers money. Sumanthiran must come clean and tell the Tamil media with documentary prof how he is paying for his daughters’ education in USA. We want our politician to be whiter than white in their financial accounts and this is not a personal attack to heart the feelings of anybody or their children. Further, more Sakthy Tv reported that Sambanthan had put his son in the payroll in the opposition leaders office and paying salary and other perks and car. He must come clean and tell the Tamil media everything they get from both Indian and Srilankan government. Viyalendran mp must explain to the media how he found the cost of a house worth millions ???.

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